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LK Institute Counseling Consulting EMDR Phoenix Flagstaff


Anxiety. No matter how hard you try to shake it, no matter how many times you tell yourself to STOP, no many how many distractions you try to implement- it keeps coming back. You're tired. You want your life back. Panic attacks, restless nights, obsession, and the hamster wheel that you cannot get off. We can help. All our therapists are specially trained to treat anxiety of all types and we are known to have tremendous success and reducing anxiety relatively quickly. We believe that our bodies and our mind crave peace and order and life events can intervene and create internal chaos. At the LK Institute, we utilize EMDR Psychotherapy in combination with other research-supported therapies to bring you back to calm and provide you the tools to have the control and freedom you want for your life. For more about the therapies we utilize, click here