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Clint Cooper

Working through transitions in life can be painful, confusing and difficult to navigate. This can manifest as relational conflict, stress, anxiety and an overwhelming sense of feeling stuck. Clint journeys with his clients to help them find relief from inner turmoil while also incorporating practical solutions. His experience as an EMDR therapist helps him address emotional distress, PTSD, and self-esteem problems. Clint also has experience working with eating disorders and LGBTQ+ populations at various levels of care and has advanced specialization helping with the difficulties that often exist for these populations.

Clint acquired a BS in Psychology at High Point University, and a Master's degree in Family Therapy from Mercer University School of Medicine. He has worked extensively with individuals in life transitions including couples, families, members of the LGBT+ community, and those suffering with an eating disorder.

Reaching out can be the hardest step in making a change, but change is possible for you. Clint can offer his expertise and support to help you through this season of your life. Clint is notable in his field, having contributed to several publications, podcasts, and lectures for academic journals, corporations, and community outreach projects.