EMDR & Addictive Disorders

Substance Use, Eating Disorders, Self- Harm, Love/Sex Addiction


EMDRIA Approved Training

12 NBCC CE Credits

12 EMDRIA Credits


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The training will discuss EMDR Therapy utilized with those suffering with addictive disorders outlining case conceptualization and target sequencing with substance use disorder, eating disorders, self-harm, and love-sex addiction. The training will provide guidance in treatment planning for cross addiction and how to treat the core issues that lead to the development and maintenance of addictive disorders.

Training Topics

- The progression of addiction

- Stabilization & Affect Tolerance

- Phases of Addiction

​- Treatment Planning & Target Selection

- Understanding Cross Addiction

- Treating etiology & maintaining factors

- Addiction & Dissociation

- Addiction Protocols 

FEB. 15th & 16th

9:30am - 5:30pm


EMDRIA Approved Training

- 12 NBCC CEs

                  -12 EMDRIA Credits             

Training Methods

- Demonstrations

- Case Examples

- Treatment Planning

- Case Conceptualization

- Practical Application Resources

- Question & Answer

- Learn addiction protocols

This training is facilitated by Lauren Day, an Advanced Education Institute Trainer